How To Find More Buyers For Your House In Huntsville

How To Find More Buyers For Your House In Alabama

Have you found it difficult to sell your house in Huntsville AL? Selling your house via rent to own contract will help you find a lot more buyers and get the price you are asking for! Find out if selling your house rent to own is right for you in our latest post!

As a home seller in Huntsville, you may have found that your property has been on the MLS for longer than you’d like. Selling a house in the Huntsville area doesn’t always go as planned. Some houses will sit on the market for months, with not so much as a bite. It can be very frustrating living this way. All the open houses. Waiting for some one to make an offer. Then wondering if it will be high enough. Not knowing if or when the house will close can be frustrating for people who need to sell a house in Huntsville.

Using a rent to own agreement (or Lease option agreement) to find potential buyers will open your property up to a whole new market of buyers. You’ll be able to sell the house, get your asking price, and have the funds in your pocket to move onto something new. It can be a very beneficial agreement for both buyers and sellers in Huntsville. Keep reading to learn more about what makes this method of home selling so great for homeowners in the Huntsville area!

New Potential Buyers

There are a lot of great people all over the country who want to buy a house, however, frustrating circumstances have kept them from living out their dream of home ownership. Most of these people are…

Quality Buyers Who Lack A Down Payment
Saving for a down payment can be tough for some people. If they are paying off other debts, supporting a large family, helping a family member in retirement or disabled, or living somewhere with a high cost of living, putting away extra money each month can be unthinkable. Most of these people are ready to put down roots today, but who also still need some time to get their down payment together. By entering into a rent to own agreement with you, they will have 2-3 years to get their finances in order.

Quality Buyers Who Have A Blemish on Their Credit
There are many people that made a mistake or found themselves a victim of circumstance. Erasing something from your credit isn’t always easy. It can take some time to repair your credit and get into a place where you’re able to qualify for a loan. While some people are financially irresponsible, others simply look bad on paper but would no trouble paying you each month.

Benefits For Sellers

Using a rent to own contract to sell your house in Huntsville offers a number of benefits to home sellers. People will often over look a rent to own agreement because they don’t want to be landlords. However, the people interested in your property are much different than your everyday average tenant. They have a personal interest in the property and the deal itself. They will want to keep the property maintained and will always pay their rent on time. Not doing so can put them in violation of their lease. They have much more to lose than an average tenant, and they realize this going into the deal. Some of the other great benefits of a rent to own agreement for Huntsville home sellers include…

  • The ability to greatly increase the number of potential buyers
  • You will receive a down payment up front to help fund a new property or move onto something new however you see fit
  • You will instantly turn your property into an income producing investment. You can usually count on the rent being paid on time each month out of fear of default
  • The rental income you receive each month will likely be greater than what other properties are renting for in the area
  • If the tenant defaults on their agreement, you are able to evict them, while still keeping the down payment and increased rent

Low Risk

If your tenant/buyer should not keep up with their end of the deal, you have every right to evict them. Sure, it may be a bit of a hassle, but in the long run, you will have likely profited as the down payment and increased rent payments are yours to keep. You may be back at square one, but you may be further ahead financially. Plus in most cases the property has raise in value.

What To Watch Out For… 

If you need the cash from the sale right away, a rent to own contract may not be the best way for you to sell. Keep in mind, that using a rent to own contract may ultimately get you more money when all is said and done. A person with poor credit or little capital for a down payment will likely pay your asking price in order to get a shot at home ownership.

There are many benefits of using a rent to own deal to sell your house in Huntsville. CNBC states that “rent-to-own arrangement can yield positives: steady monthly income while moving toward the promise of a sale.”

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